Advanced Directive For: Peter J Farago

Date: 7th December 2022

To: Senior MD on the awesome team caring for me,

RE: What matters most to me at the end of my life.

I know that you are very busy. You may find it awkward to talk to me about my end-of-life wishes or you may feel that it is too early for me to have this conversation, so I am writing this letter to clarify what matters most to me.

What matters most to me: 
My cognitive abilities. Full 100% mobility.

My important future life milestones: 

Here is how we prefer to handle bad news in my family: 
We talk openly about it and respect the wishes of individuals.

Here is how we make medical decisions in our family: 
I make the decisions regarding myself, solely by myself.

Here is who I want making medical decisions for me when I am not able to make my own decisions:
Senior MD on team caring for me. No family intervention.

What I want at the end of my life:
CODE: Do Not Resuscitate/Comfort Care

What I do not want at the end of my life:
I do not want to donate my organs after I pass away
I do not want an autopsy.

What I want at the end of life:
I want to be pain free
I want you to help me die gently, quickly and naturally
I want to be cremated as soon as possible

If my pain and distress are difficult to control, please sedate me (make with sleep with sleep medicines) even if this means that I may die sooner

What to do when my family wants you to do something different than what I want for myself?
I am asking you to show them this letter and guide my family to follow my wishes

Please scan this letter into my medical records in a place where your colleagues can read this and be guided by it.

I thank you doctor for listening to me now and for the future work you are about to do guided by what matters most to me.

Your grateful patient,

Peter J Farago age 73
Nov 14, 2022
Scottsdale, AZ

Wife: Victoria: 646-508-54ZeroFour
Son Jason: ‭718 316-76EightEight
Son Michael: 646 342-20SixNine

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